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Office address: Jana Pawła II 70/2  00-175 Warsaw

Privacy policy of the Association


The mission of the Association is:


  • development of the production and use of biomethane as a renewable, non-fossil source of energy obtained from biomass.

  • comprehensive dissemination of information, methods and techniques in the field of biomethane production and its utilization.

  • environmental protection by supporting the implementation of modern technologies for the production and utilization of biomethane.

  • increasing the awareness of the public and economic entities about the importance of all forms of renewable energy sources, with particular emphasis on gaseous products from biomass, including biogas and agricultural biomethane

  • increasing the access of rural residents to clean energy sources from renewable sources, in particular through the gasification of rural communes

  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in particular methane and carbon dioxide, by maximizing the energy conversion of biomass in the anaerobic fermentation process

  • dissemination of increasing energy independence for Poland by increasing the share of domestic biomethane in total gas consumption

  • supporting and participating in all initiatives aimed at economically viable production and use of biohydrogen supporting all solutions increasing the share of renewable energy in transport, including CBG-powered vehicles and electric vehicles that draw energy from renewable energy sources

  • supporting and  providing opinions on the activities of state and local authorities aimed at responsible and sustainable development of energy from renewable sources and modern conventional energy

Polskie Stowarzyszenie Biometan Polish Biomethane Association Biogas with natural gas parameters

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