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The benefits of biomethane/biogas - prof. Alina Kowalczyk-Juśko

25 October 2021


Prof. Alina Kowalczyk-Juśko from the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, member of the Polish Biomethane Association and one of the authors of the "Pork - New Perspective" report.

In her opinion, biogas plants as a renewable and clean energy source, by replacing energy production from fossil fuels, reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and air pollutants (especially when they replace energy production from coal). They also significantly reduce the emissions of other greenhouse gases (nitrous oxide and methane) from agricultural sources.


The estimates of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań show that the use of the entire biogas potential of Poland from waste materials generated in agriculture and its surroundings (agri-food industry) would allow the production of up to 13.5 billion m3 of biogas.


According to the report of the Polish Meat Union, "Pork - a new perspective". thanks to the production of biomethane, among others agricultural and food waste can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by up to 80 percent. It will be possible thanks to building a biogas plant.


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